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" Race Traitor is a moniker given to any
person who murders another member
of the same race."

                          -- Mark Davis


Welcome to my website.  Please be sure to sign my GuestBook, and stick a pin in my Guest Map.   Hope you enjoy the site and my book "Race Traitors".  I have poured my heart into both.  Click the link
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(The background music is "Traitor To The Race" by Terry Callier)

"Race Traitors" portrays the thrilling and compelling exploits of two African American police detectives assigned to Chicago’s Gang Intelligence Unit - who witnessed the apocalyptic suffering of a community and its residents.

Bound by their oath to protect life and property, these detectives were committed to their pledge to protect and serve.  In an attempt to deal with the physical and psychological stress of their job, they battle those who have sworn to destroy their community.  Entrenched in the struggle to overcome the gang's hold on the community, they are forced to become players in the growing reality of human anguish on Chicago's streets -- the urban warfare that pits race, culture, and dedication to duty in a triangle of conflict.

Detective Aristotle Ashford, a veteran detective, shares his hatred of gang violence and his love of the department and the city with his rookie partner, Myles Sivad, creating an exciting and emotional journey of detective drama and suspense.

"Race Traitors" is a graphic examination of their experiences while combating street gang violence and murder in Chicago's Woodlawn Community during the 1970's.

Murder trended up in Chicago during the late 60’s and 70’s creating alarm and despair in the Woodlawn community. Gang violence reached an all time high as the Black P Stone Nation and its leaders attempted to create a new crime syndicate, setting up businesses as fronts for their criminal activities.

Hundreds of black youths were murdered during gang conflicts between the Stones and the Devils Disciples and countless were killed for refusing to join a street gang. Many youths had to option educational choices in favor of their own personal safety because an opposing gang member could not trespass on the others turfs without compromising his own safety.

The Chicago Police Department’s Gang Intelligence Unit was responsible for investigating gang crimes in the city, and

they were entrenched in a battle with the Stones after one of their detectives was killed in an ambush behind the South Moor Hotel in 1970.
Veteran detective Aristotle Ashford and rookie partner, Myles Sivad waged a never-ending battle against gang violence, and their adventures detail an exciting and suspenseful journey through the streets of Chicago in pursuit of justice.

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